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Life in San Jacinto

Are you looking to move to San Jacinto, California? This is everything you need to know to settle in smoothly and make it a good place for you.


The Basics

San Jacinto is located at the north end of the San Jacinto valley with Beaumont California to its north and Hemet to its south. Located in riverside county, it has a population of 46,951 as at the 2014 census. The median age is 32 and it is a mixed race community with a good population of Whites, Blacks, Asians, Hawaiians, Hispanics, Indians and a handful of others.

Economy, Environment, and Entertainment

The recent job growth is impressive with an increase in 3.4% though the unemployment rate is still at 10% (U.S. average is 5.2%). With this recent increase, there is hope for better. The cost of living is higher with about 10.1% than the U.S. average. The average cost of a house is $227,800 and the schools are quite good too, currently, there are about 27.4 students per teacher. There is still room for improvement most especially in the commercial areas; litter control, fresh coats of paint and some landscaping will help.

If you are looking to settle in a place with warm weather, good food, lively arts, decent shopping, sunshine and a cultural scene, San Jacinto is sure to exceed those requirements. When it comes to the yards, the majority are created from a combination of cactus and gravel, this means low maintenance unlike having to maintain green grass. It also has its own unique sort of beauty.

When commuting, you may have to plan ahead and move earlier than usual because there are quite a number of traffic lights on the main roads. This may slow you down but if you plan well, you will be fine but as a plus, everything is within a mile of each other; you can get a cup of coffee, go shopping, visit a park or even go to a school within that mile thus making walking easy. Earlier good food was mentioned. If you are a fan of Mexican food, you will definitely enjoy living here. There is at least one Taco shop on every city block.

If you love speed – generally too much speed is not nice, drive carefully – driving on the main road will be alright but the streets are a different situation. There are inverted speed bumps at almost every intersection, these are flood control measures but you will have to slow down while driving down any side street. San Jacinto is always lively with events, be it concerts, theaters, art classes and/or shows, museums, plays, film festivals, galleries and a host of other entertaining effects.

California is one of the states with the highest gas prices in theĀ US and since we are inside California, don’t expect much of a difference. But it is still one of the most budget-friendly cities in southern California. For lovers of organic food, there are two farmer markets running all year round offering a great selection of olive oil, veggies, Mediterranean foods, fresh flowers, fruits and even prepared food.

There are also good places to visit as day trips such as Temecula, Disneyland, Palm Springs and a host of others close-by, all in the San Jacinto valley. The people are nice and welcoming which is always a plus when moving to new places.